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Do you make dentures?

Our patients with missing teeth each have different requirements and goals for their smiles. We offer both complete dentures and partial dentures in our North Tamworth dental office to help patients regain chewing function and their confidence.

While dental implants are considered the gold standard of teeth replacement options, many patients prefer an alternative or find the idea of restoring an entire arch of teeth cost-prohibitive. Bone quality and medical conditions may also limit who can have dental implant surgery successfully.

Types of Dentures

Complete dentures – Full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth or both arches. In contrast with dentures from just a few decades ago, modern dentures look natural and fit better than ever before. Considerations for gender, facial structure and age all play a role in choosing denture teeth that will compliment your appearance.

For patients who want extra stability, dental implants can anchor the denture in place, often without the need for bone grafting or other additional procedures.

Partial dentures – Materials for partial dentures vary widely, offering a number of choices for our patients to replace missing teeth when some of their natural teeth remain. Chromium cobalt partial dentures have a durable metal foundation. Acrylic partial dentures are lightweight and natural looking. Flexible partial dentures provide a comfortable and lightweight option.

Dentures in North Tamworth

For more information about dentures in North Tamworth, contact Oasis Smiles Dental to arrange a consultation. Our dentists are dedicated to finding a tooth replacement option to give you your smile back.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.