Welcome to Oasis Smiles Dental, the privately owned and operated dental practice serving the families of Tamworth and the surrounding communities.

What to Expect at Your First Visit

At Oasis Smiles Dental, our dentists provide a comprehensive oral exam to help our patients’ understanding of their oral health. 

A full dental exam includes:

  • A tooth-by-tooth exam
  • Periodontal (gum) evaluation
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Necessary x-rays

With a comprehensive dental exam, our dentists will make a recommendation for the type of dental cleaning to best suit your needs. You will have plenty of time to discuss any concerns you have about your oral health or if you have an interest in cosmetic dentistry.

One of our dentists, Dr Daniel Raditaolana or Dr Naledi Mosarwa will discuss all of your oral conditions and how to best treat any problems with the teeth and gums.

Emergency Dental Exam

While a full oral exam is ideal, sometimes a dental emergency could be your first introduction to our surgery. We are here to reassure you and treat painful symptoms so that you feel comfortable again.

Once palliative treatment is complete, our dentists will invite you back for a comprehensive exam and to join our dental family.

Is It Time for Your Next Dental Exam?

Contact our North Tamworth dental clinic to book an appointment for you or your family. We welcome children, teens, adults and seniors for high-quality dental care you can trust.