Tooth-Coloured Fillings in Tamworth

Because of the prevalence of sugar in the modern diet, dental caries (decay) is still one of the most common preventable diseases. This is despite the introduction of fluoride into oral care products and an increased awareness of how to prevent cavities.Tooth Coloured Fillings Before & After in Tamworth

That could be due, in part, to improper oral hygiene or because sugar is really only part of the story. Foods containing processed carbohydrates, such as crisps, bagels, cereals and crackers all convert quickly to sugar in the mouth and tend to stick in the grooves of the teeth.

Early Detection Is Key

At Oasis Smiles Dental, we highly recommend that patients have regular active maintenance appointments, including dental exams, cleans and x-rays, to keep smiles healthy and detect cavities in their early stages.

For children who are more likely to develop decay, we also offer fluoride varnish applications and fissure sealants as an added layer of protection against cavities.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings

When decay occurs, our dentists use smile-saving tooth-coloured fillings to seal and repair the tooth. Composite, made of resin and microscopic glass particles, comes in a variety of shades to match your tooth. 

Woman in chair at dentist in north tamworthYour dentist will numb the area, if necessary. Some small cavities may not require anaesthetic. Your comfort, and that of your child, is of the utmost importance to our team. Pain-free dentistry is always our goal.

After removing decay and bacteria, your dentist will begin applying the composite in layers, hardening it with a curing light between layers. Once the final layer is applied, we will shape and polish the filling to blend in with the tooth.

Cosmetic Bonding with Composite

Because it is so versatile and conservative, we can make small repairs to teeth to improve their appearance. Composite bonds directly to the tooth structure and provides a way to repair chips, fill small gaps between teeth and reshape teeth for cosmetic solutions in a single appointment.

Oral Hygiene Instruction and Education

We work closely with our patients to educate and inform. A few adjustments to home care or the products you use can reduce the number of cavities patients experience over the course of a lifetime.

Brush teeth twice daily for at least two minutes using fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush, covering every surface of the tooth.

Floss teeth at least once per day using the floss to move up and down each side of the tooth. Dental floss removes plaque between teeth and promotes healthy gums.

Attend your dental check-up and clean appointments as recommended by your dentist. 

Is it Time for Your Next Dental Visit?

We welcome patients of all ages and look forward to helping you keep your smile healthy. Our North Tamworth dental clinic is modern, featuring the latest digital technology to detect decay in the early stages when it is often less invasive and less costly to treat.

We also welcome kids and will help your little one develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.