Dental Implants in Tamworth

Until dental implants became part of the dentistry mainstream, teeth replacement options usually involved giving up certain foods because they were difficult to chew. Dental implants allow you to eat all of your favourite dishes and have a number of health benefits, which is why they are considered the most practical way to replace missing teeth. With a success rate of over 95 per cent, patients love their results.

Why Choose Dental Implants

dental implant illustration | Tamworth DentistDentures and bridges fill the gap in the smile, but dental implants actually replace the entire tooth – including the root. The dental implant screw, or post, is made of titanium, which is a biocompatible metal that fuses with your natural bone in a process called osseointegration.

The Dental Implant Process

Finding a North Tamworth dentist experienced in dental implant placement and restoration will improve results both functionally and aesthetically. 

Dr Daniel Raditaolana and Dr Naledi Mosarwa have introduced 3-D cone beam imaging to assist with the precise planning and placement of dental implants. 3-D cone beam x-rays provide detailed information about the bone quality, position of the roots of the teeth and the location of sinus and nerve landmarks.

While many patients prefer to avoid surgery, most patients find that the dental implant procedure is more comfortable than their extraction with minimal inflammation. Patients often tell us they wish they had moved forward with dental implants sooner.

Once the dental implant is placed, allowing time for it to integrate with the bone is essential for proper healing and takes about three to four months. We design each dental implant crown to fit perfectly with your bite and match the adjacent teeth for a seamless appearance.

Why Dental Implants Are So Popular

Single dental implants are easy to take care of and require the same dedication as your natural teeth – brushing and flossing mindfully. In addition to home care, regular check-up and clean appointments will support healthy gums and the longevity of your dental implant.

Couple with dental implants smiling in tamworthPeriodontal and bone disease are the two main threats to tooth loss and the loss of a dental implant. We are here to organise a treatment plan to keep you smiling confidently for years to come.

Another advantage of dental implants involves stability. Unlike dentures, which are removable and sometimes unstable, dental implants stay where they belong. They can actually help to anchor dentures for a better fit.

Patients with active social and professional lives love their results and appreciate the added confidence of not having to worry about dentures that move or fall out at the wrong time.

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If you have questions about dental implants and live in the Tamworth area, our kind-natured dentists will be happy to discuss your options with you. Call our dental clinic to book an appointment. We welcome new and current patients who have questions.