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How Dental Implants Can Make a Positive Impact

March 17, 2022
Posted By: Oasis Smiles Dental
smiling with dental implants in Tamworth NSW

Do you suffer from unwanted gaps in your teeth? Or maybe you’ve just visited a dentist about a damaged tooth, and an extraction may be necessary. Should you just live with a gap in your smile? At Oasis Smiles Dental, we want our patients to avoid the issues caused by missing teeth and enjoy life with a complete set of fully-functioning teeth. Luckily, our patients can rest easy knowing that they have access to our professional dental implant treatment!

What Is a Dental Implant? 

Dental implants give patients incredibly life-like results and are one of the most effective tooth replacement options. A dental implant consists of a titanium screw placed directly into the jawbone through the gums. After healing, a dentist places a custom dental crown on the implant to replace the missing tooth.

How Do Patients Benefit From Dental Implants? 

Instead of dealing with the consequences of living with gaps in their teeth, patients can experience massive benefits in their daily lives thanks to dental implants. Some notable pros associated with dental implants include: 

  • Restoration of a complete smile 
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning (much more manageable than dentures)
  • Dental implants can last for years with sufficient jawbone and regular upkeep
  • Patients may experience heightened self-confidence in social settings 
  • Patients can once again chew their favorite foods with ease
  • Oral cosmetic improvements
  • Support for surrounding teeth
  • Avoidance of gum disease

Dental Implants in Tamworth, NSW 

New and existing patients who walk into our dental clinic can expect professional care and attention to detail from our experienced team. We do our best to create a calm, welcoming anxiety-free environment for everyone. Whether you seek a dental implant procedure or just require a routine checkup, your comfort is our priority! Patients can reach us for more information on our practice and services at (02) 6766 2668.

Contact Your Friendly Tamworth Dental Practice 

We warmly invite all patients to arrange an initial consultation by phone or online with questions about how dental implants can benefit their smile and overall oral health.

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