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What are functional expanders and why does my child need them?

At Oasis Smiles Dental, our practice embraces a preventive attitude when it comes to dental treatment. Any time we can prevent a problem rather than treat one, we provide advice and treatment options for our patients.

We take a special interest in helping children develop healthy smiles and good habits that give them a better chance of retaining their natural teeth for a lifetime by avoiding complex dental problems.

Functional expanders are part of our phase I orthodontic treatment options. In the past, kids usually had braces as teens, and in cases of overcrowding or malocclusion (a bad bite), orthodontic extractions were common. Our philosophy is to guide the growth of the jaws rather than to extract perfectly healthy teeth to create better function.

Palatal expanders guide the growth and development of jaws to create enough space for permanent teeth. As a result, children can have ideal facial structure and less time in braces later. By opting for interceptive orthodontics, parents can help their children’s teeth, and jaws develop ideally, eliminating common problems such as uneven wear and jaw dysfunction.

To learn more about early childhood orthodontics, contact our North Tamworth dental surgery. We evaluate children from age seven, or even earlier. When you choose Oasis Smiles Dental for your family’s dental care needs, we look after your little one from their very first dental visit.

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