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Do I need to floss my teeth?

Absolutely. Flossing is part of good oral hygiene. Your toothbrush can scrub away surface plaque, but floss is what keeps the areas between the teeth and just beneath the gumline clean. When you do not floss, plaque turns into tartar and collects bacteria. Bacteria in the gums and on the teeth lead to periodontal disease and tooth decay.

We recommend that you brush your teeth for two minutes every day using fluoride toothpaste and the proper technique. Be sure to brush every area of the teeth, including the chewing surfaces.

Flossing once per day, gently moving the floss up and down each side of the tooth, can help you prevent gum disease.

Signs of gum disease include bleeding gums, bad breath, red gums and sensitive tissue. Gum disease is linked to systemic issues such as heart disease and diabetes. Please give us a call to arrange your next dental exam. Healthy teeth and gums are great for your smile and your overall health.

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