Children's Dentistry in Tamworth

We don’t just treat children; we warmly welcome them to our practice and help them develop a positive attitude about their smiles and learn how to care for their teeth and gums. According to the Australian Dental Association, children should have their first dental visit by age one, or when their teeth begin to erupt. 

Your Child’s First Dental VisitYoung girl smiling at the beach in Tamworth

Because much of their first appointment will depend on your little one’s cooperation, we will work at his or her pace. A ride in the chair and tooth-brushing demonstration will captivate their attention and help them become familiar with the sights and sounds of the dental clinic.

We educate parents and caregivers on how to best look after their children’s teeth at home. Good oral health is a partnership between Oasis Smile Dental and the parents who trust us with their children’s smiles.

Behaviour modification (thumb-sucking, soother use, bottle use)

When is the right time to encourage kids to let go of habits that can have a lifelong impact on their development? We will discuss how to help your child (and when is the right time) to let go of behaviours that can cause misaligned teeth.

Dental Decay Prevention

Young boy smiling at the park in North TamworthPreventing oral health conditions is our goal. When it comes to kids, avoiding cavities is essential. Nutritional counselling, proper tooth brushing and flossing techniques and products that can help will be a topic of conversation.

Dentistry for Your Growing Child

When your little one is ready, we will begin to incorporate regular paediatric cleans, check-ups and x-rays. If dental decay develops, our team is experienced at helping kids have a positive experience even when having a filling.

Since we are a family dental clinic, we look after your growing children by offering athletic mouthguards, fluoride applications and dental sealants when needed. We customise your child’s treatment and approach dentistry with a preventive and conservative approach.

Orthopaedic Orthodontics

An early childhood orthodontic evaluation will reveal any developmental issues that cause misaligned teeth or malocclusion (a bad bite). By addressing these concerns while your child is developing, we can often avoid the need for orthodontic-related extractions and reduce the overall time your child wears braces.

Palatal expanders guide the development of the jaws to avoid overcrowding and to achieve ideal facial growth.

Space maintainers hold the space open caused by premature loss of teeth and encourage the proper growth of permanent teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Evaluations

In the late teens or early twenties, wisdom teeth evaluations can determine if extraction is recommended. We offer comfortable wisdom teeth extractions right here in our North Tamworth dental clinic.

Paediatric Dentistry in North Tamworth

Our dentists, Dr Daniel Raditaolana and Dr Naledi Mosarwa, enjoy treating children and working closely with parents to give your child the very best foundation for a lifelong healthy smile. Contact us you'd like to set up an appointment for your child.